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Is it compulsory to fill ITIN or FTIN on a W-8BEN form for zazzle.com?
In general it is not compulsory to fill these numbers, this form refers the treaty both the countries are having. In case you want any kind of help you can visit and contact us at www.autusconsultants.com[1]Footnotes[1] autusconsultants - autusconsultants
What is the 'Foreign Tax Identification Number' on IRS Form W8-BEN?
In many countries, the government issues a Tax ID number to its citizens. In Canada, the SSI number is used. Many places in Europe use the VAT number. Any number issued by the person’s central government can be used on the W-8BEN (or W-8BEN-E for companies). There are some treaty agreements that require a person to have a U.S. issued tax ID number (either SSN or ITIN), but there are others, for interest, dividends, capital gains and such that will allow the use of a foreign tax ID instead.
I'm an independent contractor for a company but they take taxes. Are they supposed to?
if you have not provided your social security number to the company, they are mandated to withhold tax from you.Form 1099 Reporting and Backup WithholdingYou may also be responsible as a payer for reporting on Form 1099 payments made to a U.S. person. You must backup withhold 39.6% (or the applicable rate established by legislation amending IRC section 3406) from a reportable payment made to a U.S. person that is subject to Form 1099 reporting if:The U.S. person has not provided its TIN in the manner required,The IRS notifies you that the TIN furnished by the payee is incorrect,There has been a notified payee under-reporting, orThere has been a payee certification failure.Generally, a TIN must be provided by a U.S. non-exempt recipient on Form W-9. A payer files a tax return on Form 945(PDF) for backup withholding.You may be required to file Form 1099, and, if appropriate, backup withhold, even if you do not make the payments directly to that U.S. person. For example, you are required to report income paid to a foreign intermediary or flow-through entity that collects for a U.S. person subject to Form 1099 reporting. Refer to Identifying the Payee, for more information.Foreign persons who provide Form W-8BEN (PDF), Form W-8ECI (PDF), or Form W-8EXP (PDF) or applicable documentary evidence are exempt from backup withholding and Form 1099 reporting.
What are the steps to becoming truly sovereign in the U.S.? Has anyone actually succeeded and is willing to share the pros and cons?
Most of the people answering you here know less than nothing, meaning that what they think they know actually subtracts from what they really know. This country was built upon the legal presumption that all men are created equal with inalienable GOD given rights which make them sovereign as individuals, beholden to no man or government except regarding the natural Common Law summed up by the Golden Rule and any contracts knowingly and willingly voluntarily entered into by the individual. This is all legal and lawful fact.However, over time and through various conspiracies and the general cowardly, lazy and selfish nature of humans raised in the decadence of prosperity, America has had the precedent of tyrannical intrusion increasingly emplaced within their paradigms and customs that in today’s America most people have become so inverted in their understanding of important moral and legal principles that even when faced by conclusive self evident facts they are desperately and stubbornly delusional enough to remain firmly and willfully ignorant. And in the event that the aggregation of facts becomes sufficient to overwhelm their customary bias, they will often slip into cognitive dissonance and rebuild illusory mental constructs to block out said facts from their consious awareness as much as possible.Most of the people answering here have no idea of the law and history of this nation and are rather mindless conformists more comfortable in an oppressive tyranny than in a free society being forced to take full responsibility for themselves.To answer your question: You already have sovereignty because only you ultimately rule you and only you will ultimately be held accountable for what you choose. Contrary to popular belief, sovereignty, like humanity, does not require recognition to exist. King George didn’t recognize America’s claims, but America, through force of arms, imposed it’s sovereignty upon king George. In many places and times throughout history and the present, many people are legally or otherwise considered not to be human, or to be humans of a lesser value, those who accept this are accomplices to their own oppression, those who do not, even if they die in the act of asserting their equality, are in fact sovereign while they live.Sovereignty is a natural condition that is the birthright of every man, some choose to assert it, others do not, recognition does not alter it, the permission or restriction of it by others does not alter it. We live in a world of exponentially increasing levels of evil, evil flourishes most in slothful, immoral, selfish and cowardly societies, this is well known by those who profit from the decay of such societies and thus it is purveyed by such cabals through the media, educational systems, governmental systems and the system of raw ignorant per pressure inflicted one upon another by the cattle penned for slaughter.As for the benefits of sovereignty, they are at least these and certainly more: You recognize the value of human worth, including your own true worth and responsibility, you recognize your own true rights and what is due you, you begin to untangle from obligating yourself or being presumed obligated to false duties, you begin to recognize and dedicate yourself to true and natural duties, you can begin to congregate with others who are on your level of awareness and who share your concern for the fundamental inalienable human rights, such gathering lends you the defacto ability to live increasingly according to the full expression of your natural inalienable human rights which has the added benefit of greater self discovery unrestricted by the blinders and whips of those who would own and rule you as a beast of burden, by gathering with others of the same awareness you increase your political and defensive power, making your way of life slightly more secure and giving hope of in time gathering enough numbers to either openly separate from the oppressive powers, or to conquer them, as is the right of all people who are willing to so do to their unlawful oppressors.I am sovereign, my enemies do not recognize my sovereignty, but my friends do. My enemies use not the law but frauds made to appear as law to excuse and ‘justify’, to the willfully ignorant and morally deficient masses - which are their power base and true masters, their unjust use of violent force upon those, such as myself who while harming no one, choose to live according to the freedoms that were well recognized in not only in the early foundational documents of this nation, but also among the indigenous peoples who occupied much of this land for millennia, of whose blood I also am.I am violently oppressed and threatened by an ignorant and malignant people on behalf of a very aware yet diabolical cabal, yet I am no less sovereign, and though my body is often trapped, as are those in concentration camps, my soul is that of a free man and my fight is to regain the freedom I am due by all morally permissible means necessary, up to and including war.Statements like that make the eyes and mouths of the cancerous sycophants goggle, but it is this attitude of truly saying “give me liberty, or give me (your) death.” that is the necessary prerequisite of any and all free societies, as nothing less can gain freedom from those forces which oppose it.I suggest that it you truly want to be sovereign, you first decide to BE sovereign in your own heart, then find others to congregate with, because if nothing else, gathering with those who recognize such things will at least put more distance between you and those who do not, and that distance can be to some extent filled with a greater expression of your rightful freedom.I will be offering some real world tangible solutions very soon, and I will update this when I do. I wish you and all who value sovereignty well, as for those who do not value nor believe in sovereignty, go home from us in peace, we seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen,. And stay well out of our way.;"";""
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