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Can It happen that Pakistan's Economy Utterly collapses somehow or can itactually become a Economic Giant one day?
Many pundits have predicted collaspe of Pakistan economy over last few yearsbut Pakistan economy has displayed amazing resilience.Situation is extremely alarming at the moment because external enemies ofPakistan can leverage current situation and cause excessive expenditure byinvolving Pakistani establishment in internal conflicts.Lets see the broad problems Pakistan has to service debt. To do this it hasearmarked 45 of GDP. With quarter of GDP for army and then for governmentexpenses there is nothing left with which Pakistan can boost growth. Thissutuation is aggravated by parallel economy of Pakistan which is pegged at 36of GDP IMF suggested some measures but Pakistan fails to implement them.Pakistan went with fudged records to IMF so frustrated IMF said...fine...thisshows you dont need money so bye bye. China has never given cash aid andthere is no reason to beleive that China will inject billions especially aftermany requests from Chinese... Pakistan fails to trade.I believe that if Pakistans economy had to collaspe...its enemies would havemade it happen. That it has not happened is because of NucLear bombs. Worldworried if worst happens where would the nukes landPakistan took full advantage of this worry and negotiated in what has beentermed that Pakistan is the only country that negotiated with a gun pointedon their own head. Now this game is also over and Pakistan faces isolation inregion and beyond...this is perhaps last ditch effort of the world to makePakistan walk the right path.Pakistan is a chowk...its geographical location is strategic...but what is theuse of this chowk if trade does not happen.Pakistan will have to learn dispute management and keep it totally away fromeconomy. Its the way rest of the countries workPakistan must realize that this is not the world of old 20th century warfare...we are living in times of economic war fare.Pakistan must halt arms race...it has lost there already reduce defenseexpenditure and have the debts reworked.Trade freely...only by trading Pakistan can generate billions and thenPakistan economy can rise as much as Pakistanis work for...without trade...itsa doomsday warning ahead.
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