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I am from Malaysia, can I sell products Amazon?
Hello, Yes this is pretty straight forward. I have helped a few people from Malaysia set up a business on Amazon in the US and UK.I start private label brands on Amazon and then grow them onto other channels, I earn a decent full time income from doing this. I live in the UK. I sell on Amazon US, Amazon Uk and all the Amazon EU platforms.First, you will need to establish the business name you intend to use on your account together with the corresponding tax identification number.You may use your company name, your own name or indeed you can form a US company, either as a US entity or as a US sole proprietorship.Depending on how you have established your account, you will need to complete one of the following forms: W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E or W-9. Please note when setting up your account it can take Amazon up to three weeks to verify your tax information.US law demands all Amazon FBA sellers to provide taxpayer information and to demonstrate exemption from the US IRS (Internal Revenue Service) reporting requirements, UK citizens will need to complete form W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E.If your sales reach over $20,000 from Amazon Seller Central, you will receive, at the beginning of the following year, an income statement (1099) which is issued by Amazon to sellers achieving this figure.SALES TAXYou will also need to pay sales tax which is like VAT in the EU but each state has a different sales tax rate ranging from 0% - 13%. if you don’t have a US CPA to register you with the relevant states then you can pay TaxJar CPA’s to carry out the registrations on your behalf. This is the service that I use to completely control our sales tax obligations so that I don’t have to do anything with it but you can choose to only use part of their service if you wish. CLICK HERE if you would like to find out more about the services that TaxJar provides.Foe more info in regards to Amazon FBA tax for international sellers click herePlease click UPVOTE if you have found this answer helpful
Selling on Amazon.com from UK -Tax Questions. What taxes do I have to pay if my company is based in UK?
You are going to need to pay Delaware franchise taxes and potentially Delaware gross receipts tax.If you actually conduct business in Delaware then you will also owe Delaware state income tax.As you already mentioned you will have to collect and pay sales tax to specific states where Amazon has distributions centers.  One reason why Delaware may not have been the best choice for you to set up your business.  There are no distributions centers in Delaware and so all you did was add one more state where you have to pay taxes.  Despite misinformation in the media and internet, Delaware is not a tax haven in the US.As for federal income tax, it totally depends on how your business is structured.  If you are a corporation, then you will have to file and pay US corporate income taxes.  If you are a multi-owner LLC, then you will have to file a US partnership tax return and the owners will need to file US non-resident tax returns and potentially pay federal income tax.  If your business is a single owner LLC, then you individually will need to file a US non-resident tax return; however, you may be eligible for income exemptions under the US/UK tax treaty that will greatly reduce if not eliminate any US federal income tax obligation.Where you have a bank account for the business does not matter.  Most non-US residents want to have a US bank account because it expedites processing payments from US customers, but it is not required from a legal standpoint.  Legally a EU based account is fine.I think you are mangling some of the terminology, as there is no international EIN.  There is an EIN, which is issued to US businesses and there is an International Tax Identification Number which is issued to non-US resident individuals who have US tax reporting obligations.You will probably need both numbers. EIN for the business and ITIN for yourself personally.
Will we need to fill "W-8BEN-E" to do business in the US as a foreign company?
Yes it nessecary, In conjunction with the new compliance requirements under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”), the IRS has released the new Form W-8BEN-E (the “E” stands for entity). Form W-8BEN-E replaces the old Form W-8BEN, for U.S. taxpayers doing business with foreign entities or entities with foreign subsidiaries. Form W-8BEN-E documents the status of those foreign entities for U.S. income tax, tax treaty benefits, and FATCA purposes.Form W-8BEN-E serves four main purposes, as follows:Establish non-U.S. status;Claim beneficial owner status;Claim exemption from, or reduction in, U.S. withholding tax under Chapter 3 (the original foreign tax withholding laws); andIdentify the entity’s category under Chapter 4 (FATCA).Any U.S. taxpayer engaging in non-product related transactions (i.e., services) with a foreign entity must receive a completed Form W-8BEN-E from that entity, to determine whether that foreign entity is subject to the 30% default withholding on payments to foreign entities. In addition, the completed Form W-8BEN-E will determine whether the foreign entity is eligible for any reduced withholdings related to an applicable tax treaty.Note that IRS has also released a revised Form W-8BEN, for U.S. taxpayers doing business with foreign individuals.In a burst of administrative nightmares, the new Form W-8BEN-E is 8 pages long (as opposed to the old 1-page W-8BEN), and it has 30 different parts. Fortunately, any given foreign beneficial owner need not complete all 30 parts of the form. Rather, it will only need to complete those parts relevant to its particular business. However, all foreign beneficial owners must complete Parts I (Identification of Beneficial Owner) and XXIX (Certification).
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