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If you could have any 5 cars, which would they be and why?
Alright! I’ll accept the challenge!I have five cars in mind, but I have to give one bonus item to complete my dream collection. These vehicles aren’t just simply dream cars. I want to acquire them soon! Right now, I’m still on my journey towards becoming a doctor, so there are still a thousand miles more to tackle before reaching that goal. My answer is quite long, so take your time to read them all.This is the perfect time to share my future lineup to you, guys! I know everyone here are car guys (and gals). Without further ado, I’ll take you on a tour of “MELVIN’S GARAGE” and present to you the cars that make up my “Motoring Lifestyle Portfolio”.NOTES:I’ll keep on modifying my answer occasionally as my personal taste changes over time.Photographs are for illustrative purposes only. I do not own any of these photos. Special thanks to the respective owners (although I can’t name them exactly one-by-one) for these perfect shots of my dream cars!Photos will also be updated when the new model-generation of any of the vehicles in the list arrives.? Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography LWB (Most Opulent Land Yacht, Glamorous Palace on Wheels)First on the list goes to this luxurious palace on wheels. This land yacht is the pinnacle of my collection. It will be the centerpiece, with spotlights that dazzle the metallic paint. Although acquiring such machine doesn’t directly indicate how successful someone is, one can’t deny the fact that getting the opportunity to have one requires hard work and dedication on their respective career and passion.I’ll get a Range Rover that is handcrafted by the skilled hands from Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO). I’m so much happy that JLR embarked into such idea of offering personalization service for clients reminiscent to Rolls-Royce and Bentley’s respective bespoke programs, further enhancing the exclusivity of their products. I’ll ask them to paint the car with a shade of black that is the blackest, darkest, and most elegant kind they could and will ever create in any SVO-handcrafted car ever. All possible options and extras must be there, including bespoke items tailor-made for me.Take a look at the backseat. Black-and-vintage-tan color combination is absolute opulence! I really dig that combo! There are chillers and refrigerators right there; as well as electronically-deployable tables, and foot and calf rests for each backseat passengers. There’s a TV for every backseat passengers so they can watch whatever they want while travelling in style. Lastly, I’ll be requesting SVO to have two customized wine glasses with an engraved Land Rover insignia on it. The list of personalization goes on and on. The possibilities are endless; anyone just need to have a cash to pay for it.I imagine myself being cocooned in a sanctuary wrapped in the finest leather and inlayed with the nicest wood and metal veneer. I sit at the plush backseat, chilling out, relieving my body pain after all-day’s work at the hospital with the help of heated/cooled massaging seats. While drinking a perfect blend of chilled creamy dark chocolate and listening to a playlist filled with easy-listening music through the Meridian Signature 3D Surround Sound System, I peek through the windows, getting the commanding view of everything around me.Underneath the skin is a massive implementation of sophisticated off-road hardware for reassuring grip on various terrain thanks to Land Rover’s go-anywhere lineage. Although that makes it infinitely capable off-road, I’ll definitely not use this beyond asphalt. I have another SUV from my collection that will satisfy my urge to get rough and dirty. This land yacht will spend its life wafting me on very special events at some of the finest spots. VIP moments need a VIP car, and the Range Rover has a commanding presence that undoubtedly earns respect.? Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (Off-Road Warrior, Adventure and Exploration Companion)Did you know that this iconic off-road machine has been my favorite ever since my childhood days? This Jeep Wrangler has been the very first vehicle I’m salivating for. It’s the one that opened my eye to the automotive world. My lineup keeps on changing over time but this off-roader never got off my list ever since I wrote it. So it totally makes sense to make this beast a part of my collection.I love the feeling of having a big rig that could go almost anywhere I want. I love the thrill of wading through rivers, crawling through rocks, and ascending through the steep mountains. The best part is to see the beautiful landscapes Earth has to offer which is made possible by driving beyond asphalt. I imagine myself driving this Jeep on a scenic highway with the roof and doors removed while towing a 16-foot Airstream travel trailer. That’s an awesome open-air motoring indeed!Among the collection, this Jeep will definitely be my official off-roader. Since I mentioned ‘towing an Airstream• a while ago, I’ll also make this rig as my companion for camping and adventure. With it’s four-wheel-drive capability and tall ground clearance, I’ll have the confidence to get through murky mud, big rocks, and other sorts of rough terrain when going somewhere else and exploring the unknown. Another highlight is the cabin. What kind of person with defective sense of sight and touch will never like it? Jeep never fails to make the cockpit more livable, making everyone enjoy the comfort and convenience of a nicely-made family SUV without sacrificing its heavy-duty, washable attributes.Few touches from its predecessor, the Jeep CJ, are right there, such as the headlights that cut and overlap subtly at the two outermost slots of the grille, and the Jeep badge near the front fenders. I’ll opt for the traditional 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Although it may lack some of the latest gadgetry from the other cars on my collection, this Jeep aims more towards traditional off-road fun that needs more human manipulation. After all, that’s what off-roading is all about.? BMW M5 (Car-Enthusiastic Physician’s Family Grand Tourer, Weekend Track-Day Sports Sedan)They say that a car is an expression of oneself, and this midsize sports sedan complements nicely to a very successful doctor (hopefully). Since the nature of work of a physician is so much stressful, a fun-to-drive and powerful car for a weekend track day with friends will feed my hunger for fun and thrills. Maybe I’m just looking for a hundred-mile, long stretch of scenic roads that’ll bring me wherever the roads take me. In such case, this car can be my grand tourer as well, albeit on a four-door form instead of coupe.Since this machine is derived from BMW’s regular 5 Series premium midsize sedan, it’ll have that unassuming impression to the untrained eye. In other words, it’s ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. Maybe they’ll just say, “Meh! It’s just an average expensive family car!” If that’s the case, I think it’ll be awesome to give my colleagues, friends, or whoever out there I care about a joyride they’ll never forget. No need of a Ferrari or Lamborghini. The performance is absolutely intoxicating!The interior of the M5 is pure business, striking a perfect balance between speed and luxury. It’s like an affluent athlete on a tailor-made suit. Although Audi’s sleekness, Mercedes-Benz’s opulence, or even Volvo’s minimalism may look a little bit better to some people, BMWs tend to have their own unique approach in creating a respectable driver-focused cockpit. After all, this one is the best driver’s car.Despite being an exotic sedan, it’s still an opulent family limousine through and through. Just like the Range Rover, this car will also do some VIP duties too; taking me on occasional trips during special affairs at the nicest destinations. Although I like the idea of driving this car to and from the hospital, I’m not going to do so on a daily basis to maintain modesty in the eyes of the patients. On very rare occasion at the right time perhaps, I can drive to work and show this baby off to my future colleagues, and some of my patients and clients too.Let’s never forget the latest tech every new F90 M5 has to offer. BMW’s M xDrive debuted in this car, a rear-biased four-wheel-drive system that can be switched to full rear-wheel-drive mode. There’s also the nice-sounding exhaust notes too with poppings and crackles to satisfy one’s ears. All of these unique combination of features make up a family-friendly luxury sedan with limousine comfort and exhilarating exotic supercar performance.• Honda Accord 2.0T Touring (Affordable Luxury Daily Driver, Stylish Premium Reliable Car)If anyone who reads my answer thinks my fleet is filled with expensive enthusiasts• cars, it’s wrong! I still have room for nice, down-to-earth cars like this Honda Accord. It’s a more affordable take on a stylish and luxurious transport (much like how the Ford LTD and Chevrolet Caprice stacked up in the automotive industry during the 1960s and 1970s). That’s one of the reasons why this midsize sedan is one of the all-time bestseller.The reasons for having this humble car on my fleet are fairly simple. By looking at the lineup, it’s pretty apparent that all of them other than the Accord are premium and/or luxury cars coming from various world-renowned manufacturers. First of all, my other cars leave a bold statement down the road. It may attract nice people who love nice cars, but it’s also a magnet to those plebeians who have nothing to do but mock, get jealous, and spread hatred just to achieve compensation to their otherwise insecured and horrible life. Next, it’s very absurd to daily-drive any of those cars considering the fact that doing so exposes them on harsh weather and road conditions, and irresponsible motorists around. It’s better to leave those pricey vehicles for weekend drives and/or special occasions only.Being a commuter car does not make the Honda Accord a normal, boring appliance-on-wheels either. While the fastback profile—including the wheels—resembles an Audi RS5, the cabin on the other hand oozes an ambience similar to a BMW 5 Series. It’s got nice-looking faux wood veneers and metal accents, heated and ventilated leather seats, a premium stereo system, Honda Sensing suite of driving aids, and many more. It feels like being cocooned inside a nicely-equipped premium European sedan to be honest.For a more spirited driving experience, I’ll equip my Accord with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that is the same powerplant found under the hood of the Civic Type-R, albeit detuned for a more refined drive. That’s more than enough for a rather awesome car in an unpretentious package. It’s a befitting car for a successful doctor (like me someday) who wants to stay incognito and less ostentatious without depriving his taste for fine automobiles.? Land Rover Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE (Deluxe Apartment on Wheels, Seductive Personal Luxury Car)This car marks the moment the British marque gave a lot of focus on fashion. That makes it very fitting for me to reckon this as ‘the Buick Riviera of the modern day’. What does that mean? I’m considering this as my personal luxury car. It’s an attractive, more compact take of my Range Rover SVAutobiography LWB land yacht, giving more emphasis on styling and creating an automobile that prioritizes owner satisfaction above anything else. While the larger Rover seems too stately and ostentatious for being a large palace, the Velar feels like a nice personal apartment befitting for virtually any occasions.Although personal luxury cars are known to highlight image over practicality, the Range Rover Velar is still able to prthe characteristics of virtually any other versatile crossovers. Excellent suspension setup and other latest driving technologies have been integrated to ensure outstanding handling through corners. It’s got a reasonable ride height to facilitate easier ingress and egress as well. For those everyday pursuits, there’s an ample storage space and foldable rear seats to accommodate stuff. It may sound cliché already but I think they’re able to bring the ‘personal luxury car• moniker beyond just good looks.Even the cockpit is swathed with fine lines of a modern mininalistic design. The textures, materials, and equipment are undoubtedly high-quality. Overall, it’s everything I love in my Range Rover land yacht, albeit on a more compact form.Despite the presence of sophisticated off-road hardware, I’ll never take this off the beaten path. I know how capable this vehicle is, but I think this car is too stylish and too expensive enough to bathe itself with mud and dust. As what I’ve mentioned, I have a dedicated SUV from my fleet that is capable enough to go rock climbing and mud splashing.I’ll equip my personal luxury car with the optional high-performance P380 supercharged engine with all-wheel-drive layout for a smooth and progressive cruising speed on the highway, and a surefooted driving experience on all weather conditions. Being the most seductive car in my portfolio, it’ll surely bring the sense of elegance in every trip, whether to the hospital, on a formal event, or on an outdoor activity. I can’t wait to put my hands on the steering wheel in style!Here is the BONUS ITEM. You strictly asked for only FIVE cars, but I feel incomplete if I choose not to include the other important car in my collection. As much as I love new cars, I also appreciate owning a timeless automobile that becomes rarer and more beautiful as it gets older. As more and more old vehicles find their final resting places in the junkyard, I want to save one and bring its beauty back to its former glory.? 1993 Land Rover Range Rover (Pristine Old-School Rig, Awesome Project Car)Who doesn’t even want to have an iconic old automobile in their garage? A car collection isn’t complete without a classic car in the fleet. I have a lot of fascination with regards to cars that were manufactured specifically from 1950s to 1970s. They were made in a way people wanted it to be. That’s all! No regulations or whatsoever have existed way back then that would’ve hampered the design of such cars. That’s the unique beauty of vehicles from this era. At the same time, I’m fantasizing about looking back at those cars that ruled the road during my childhood days. I’m a ’90s kid, and my search for a project car leads me to this 1993 Range Rover.I’m choosing this classic Range Rover because seeing this car sitting side-by-side with its latest iteration (my land yatch, that is) is a feast in the eyes. This 1993 model-year, which still carries over the 1970s design, gets all of the technological advancements of the 1990s, so there’s an aura of ‘classic-meets-modern• into it.This car will be restored into full-factory condition, just like the way it rolled out from the assembly line. I will only replace the entire exhaust system with Magnaflow, as well as the ‘County• trim-level badging (used on North American market) at the tailgate with ‘Vogue SE• (similar to County, albeit used almost anywhere else in the world) which sounds more glamorous. Since I’m a little bit strict with regards to quality, I’ll have the restoration process to be taken cared off by Congleton Service (see Congleton Service Vermont's Land Rover Specialist - Range Rover Repair VT). This shop (situated at Milton, VT) is claimed by its clients as one of the best Land Rover restoration specialists in the world.Aside from reworking this car, I’ll also collect some nice literature such as car magazine features, reviews, brochures, ads, press releases, and restoration manuals. I’ll also look for scale-model die-cast toy with the same Ardennes Green exterior and Sorrel Tan interior color combo as my envisioned project car. These stuff, combined with the shop’s excellent build quality, will make this classic car attractive to car-show spectators!
What are the differentiators of Shopkick's ultrasound solution compared to WiFi or Bluetooth Smart (BLE) based solutions?
WiFI:- Widely deployed in venues and retailers already- Works great from Android, W8...- Doesn't work from iOS (unless you're paying someone)- Requires a power source for the beacon- 50-70 foot range- Will have "bleed" if places are close together- Relatively low cost per beacon - let's say $30Ultrasound:- Likely to cost around $100 per beacon- But can be incorporated in to store audio systems (cool)- Does not suffer from Bleed - stops at the closed door :-)- Works with both iOS and Android (and other devices) today- Range (guessing) 40-60 feet?BLE:- Low cost per beacon (say, $5-$10)- No power source required - runs from batteries for at least 1 year- Works with everything Apples makes :-)- Works with only 5% of current Android phones :-(- Range 2 feet to 40 feet
What does a $10 million USD dollar house look like where you live?
$10,000,000 dollars is just over £7500000 pounds sterling at the current exchange rate. For that sort of money you can buy a nice house or flat in London, which is 100 miles away from where I live. I couldn't find a house currently for sale within 40 miles of Birmingham as expensive as that. But in London where I used to study house prices go way above 10 million dollars.Here are a few currently for sale on the Zoopla property search website in that price bracket.4 bedroom house for sale, Kensington,London W8, £7500000 :Flat for sale, Baker Street, London NW1, £7500000 :Mansion for sale, Virginia Water, Surrey £7500000 :House for sale, Kensington, London W8, £7500000 :5 bedroom flat for sale, London NW1 :7 bedroom detached house for sale, Ealing, London W5, £7350000 :3 bedroom flat for sale, South Kensington, London SW7, £7350000 :6 bedroom, Totteridge, London N20, £6950000 ( $9.25m ) :
Am I required to pay tax to IRS if I'm a Canadian citizen and have a US bank account?
If you are Canadian citizen, don’t have a US permanent resident status, live in Canada (or anywhere else outside of the USA), and don’t spend much time in the USA year (say, less than 4 months in any given year), then you are normally considered as a non-resident alien by the US tax law. The USA tax law classify income of non-resident aliens into several types:(1) Income not from US sources. It is not taxed in the US, and even if you file a US tax return (Form 1040-NR), it should not be declared on this form. I understand that income from self-employment is normally associated with the location where you physically are when you perform the work, so if you work on the Canadian soil for a US client (rather than work in the USA), this income is considered to be “from a Canadian source”, even though the money is paid by a US client. Capital gains from sale of US stocks etc are usually in the same category as well.(2) Income from US sources, not effectively connected with your US trade of business, and not taxed in the US. This includes for example bank interest paid by a US bank. (See: Nonresident Aliens - Exclusions From Income). As Kelly Kinkade has said, you are supposed to inform the bank of your status by giving them an appropriate type of Form W-8 (W-8BEN, I think).(3) Income from US sources, not effectively connected with your US trade of business, and taxed in the US. This includes certain types of US investment income, such as dividends. If you have such income (e.g. because hold some US stocks via a US broker, or a US mutual fund from a US distributor), it will be taxed at a flat rate (30%, or a lower, 10–15% rate reduced by a tax treaty with Canada. Again, a W-8BEN must be filed with the payor.(4) Income effectively connected with your US trade of business. This comes from e.g. actual work on the US soil, and is taxed on regular (graduated) rates, with a personal exemption and itemized deductions, as applicable. A non-resident tax return, form 1040-NR, is normally required to be filed (See: Effectively Connected Income (ECI) )If all your income is from the first 2 categories, then no tax is due, and no tax return needs to be filed. If there is also income from the 3rd category, the tax liability is normally satisfied by tax withholding at source (assuming the proper W-8BEN is on file), and no tax return is needed either.If a US client wants to issue a form 1099-MISC, reporting your earnings to you and to the IRS, I am not sure how this should be reconciled. Maybe you need to file some kind of form W-8 with the payor, so that they will acknowledge your non-resident status and issue no 1099-MISC, or issue a 1042-S instead? I have no idea on this detail.
What does a $15,000,000 house look like where you live?
In London, UK you can buy a house for £250 million or $333 million USD, but that is a game for billionaires. Houses sell for £100 million pounds where Madonna ( pop star ) used to live, The Boltons, Chelsea. But at the $15 million USD or £11,250,000 pounds price point that will still firmly buy you a place in a “posh London" neighbourhood, where some of your neighbours may be foreign royals, British aristocrats, celebrities and “rich list” people.Here are a few of the glamorous houses currently for sale in London around the $15 million USD price point :5 bedroom terraced house, Chester Terrace, London NW1, £13,850,000 /$18,492,0005 bedroom semi detached, Holland Park, Kensington, London W8, £13500000 / $17995500 :6 bed terraced, Chelsea, London SW3, £13250000 / $17662250 :5 bedroom terraced, Belgravia, London SW1X, £12950000 / $17262350 :5 bed terraced, Regent's Park, London NW1, £12950000 / $ 17262350 :11 bedroom detached, The Bishop's Avenue, London N2, £12500000 / $16662500 :5 bedroom house, Belgravia, London SW1X, £12850000 / $17129050 :5 bed terraced, Belgravia, London SW1X, £11250000 / $14996250 :7 bedroom semi detached, Chelsea,London SW10, £11000000 / $14663000 :6 bedroom, Kensington, London W8 , £11950000 / $15929350 :
Up to date batch files or lists of Windows 8 telemetry patches to uninstall?
Here's an article that will point to all the W8 snooping issues you're concerned about.MS-DEFCON 3: Patch Windows, but beware the snoops Woody Leonhard is currently Senior Contributing Editor at InfoWorld,
What will be the in-hand salary/ctc in NTPC for joining as a Diploma Mechnical Trainee (15500-34500) after 5 years? What will be his/her post in NTPC?
After 5 years of joining as Diploma Trainee you will be in grade "W8" i.e. Sr. Technician/supervisor gr. II RTI | NTPC .As per existing pay structure your pay will be: Basic pay = 17970 , DA = 19407 (current DA 107.9 % shall be different after 5 year) , perks =8445 (47% of Basic), Project allowance= 1797 and others = 2000Deductions will be normally 13000 (PF and Income tax)so finally in hand you will get approx Rs. 40,000 /- per month. 
What parts of British culture or life do Americans not like in general?
I spent a year in London, so not really representative of the UK. It’s like assuming living in NYC is representative of living in America—not the case at all. So I understand that.And don’t get me wrong—I LOVED living in London. Would’ve stayed there longer but for the difficulty Americans had in getting jobs there during the peak of the Great Recession (I was there in 2009–2010).That being said, here are my complaints living as an American master’s student in the UK:WeatherIt was dark and dreary almost all the time. Even by NYC and New England standards it rained a lot, so the skies were gloomy and gray for very long periods. The constant humidity also made the temperatures seem much colder than they were. As some Englishmen say, “There’s no winter that chills your bones faster than an English winter.”And because the UK is much higher up in latitude than NYC and New England, the days are way shorter in the winter. 9 am sunrises and 3 pm sunsets (if I recall correctly, I may be exaggerating my memories) were par for the course.It was also incredibly windy, which no one ever warns you about when you get there.The summers are cool, humid (but not in a good way) and very brief. As someone used to the long, sultry, made-for-the-beach summers of the U.S. Northeast, it was a little depressing to be utilizing jackets in July at times. There were also no beautiful, sandy beaches to drive to, like the Long Island beaches within an hour’s drive of NYC.FoodFood variety was not good, at least on a student budget and when compared to NYC. Cheap meals that are very tasty and from all ethnicities (even Bukharanian!) which are plentiful in NYC were almost non-existent in London.Unless you were willing to splurge 15 pounds or more on a meal (around US$20 back then), the food was not good or of bad quality.Fewer ethnicities were represented in London cuisine. Lots of really good Indian and South Asian, along with all the great European cuisines. But very little good Chinese and Korean, and almost nonexistent Mexican or Latin American. NYC has all of these, and more!CultureBritish people are on average sometimes very hard to befriend. As a result I became quicker friends with other foreigners (from all over Europe mostly), immigrants and other Americans.There were the exceptions, one or two Britons who were very friendly and willing to reach out. But they’re not a welcoming people in general. And this is in London!Asking for directions was like pulling teeth. British people would never answer me or were very standoffish whenever I would ask for an address or if I were lost and needed help. I quickly learned to just ask immigrants—they were always immensely more helpful (maybe because they experienced the same indifference when they first settled in London). Their willingness to help reminded me of New Yorkers.The general incivility is much worse. Or maybe I had bad luck. But I remember going to stores and, twice, noticing a scene where a customer was just out-of-control screaming at a cashier. Like, unhinged, raging, utterly nasty. And people just drank way more so fought way more on the streets as a result, including attacking bus drivers, from one incident I saw. NYC can get pretty bad, but the scenes of incivility I’ve witnessed have been far fewer. Also, New Yorkers tend to hold their liquor better—we drink a lot, but violent outbursts from drunks are much less common.
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