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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form w-8ben-e


What is the difference between IRS W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E forms?
Sure I can address tax issues here. You would use the W8 Ben for anindividual situation. And you would use the W8 Ben E for a companysituation.Though the actual completion of the form center on how the US internationaltax provision taxes the foreign person or company on the income. So we firstapply the tax law based on the fact situation at hand. So the form completioncenters on tax law and treaty law.Then and if the person or company home country has a specific tax treaty withthe US we would then apply the exact treaty provision for mitigatingreducing the withholding required.Here we need to understand how treaties work and apply the most recent treatyor possibly and updated protocol or competent authority position between theUS and the home country when we complete the treaty section of the W8Ben orBenE. The above represents the procedure I have used when dealing with thissituation. As with all events dealing with the US tax law completing this formcorrectly and fully provides for the best outcome allowed by tax law andtreaty law.I have completed the above based on the fact situation. If the income type orfacts change above the tax results may change for sure.
How should I fill the form W-8BEN E? I am an Italian student which has won anon-compensatory research grant from a US-based organization. My main issue isabout line 10, where you ask for taxation reduction.
The instructions may help. See page 6 for help with line 10.httpswww.irs.govpubirspdf...
Where can I get help filling up a W-8BEN-E form?
It’s a pretty complex form but it’s really quite easy to get it ready to havesomeone else prepare it for you. Google searches for “fill in W8BENE” comeup with dozens of options. A very good one I found was W8BENE ApplicationForm but may be quite expensive. It also phrases the questions about an“entity” filling in the form rather than “entity or selfemployed individual”.If you are in a treaty country and the reason for the W8BENE is workrelated you may not need a US EIN Employer Identification Number or ITINIndividual Taxpayer Identification Number to go with the W8BENE. Call thecompany or person requesting the W8BENE and see if they want the EIN orITIN. If they do you’ll need to hire a tax accountant who specializes infiling these applications. The EIN is for entities corporationspartnerships trusts etc. and takes just a few days. The ITIN is forindividuals and supposedly takes six weeks but can take upwards of six months.The EIN can be applied for on your own with Form SS4httpswww.irs.govpubirspdf.... The ITIN can only be applied for eitherat the IRS offices in the states or with the aide of a US CCA CertifiedAcceptance Agent located outside the US. You can search google for “IRS CCACertified Acceptance Agent XXXX” where “XXXX” is your country. If no luck trysearching the IRS website for “Certified Acceptance Agent XXXX”.
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