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Non-Resident Alien Tax: What is the 30% NRA withholding tax and how does it relate to the progressive income tax you compute on your return?
You pretty much answered it yourself.u00a0 Yes, the 30% withholding is just that, withholding.u00a0 Until you file the tax return, the Feds have it, and are under no obligation to return it to you if you don't file a return.u00a0 So, yes a 30% tax on those that don't file their return.u00a0 It likely is to cover the fact that many NRA's likely don't file returns.
Which is the best OLED TV?
This question appears to have been asked in 2022. At that time the main OLED TV brands were LG and Sony as Samsung was looking at conventional LCD an also Quantum Dot technology.Between LG and Sony, LG OLEDu2019s kind of emerged as the leader in terms of no-nonsense performance and reliability with price. Sony really only had the A1E OLED to compete, which although pretty good, cannot match with the range, pricing , feature mix of LG OLEDu2019s.The LG OLEDu2019s in 2022 such as the LG B7A, LG C7P, LG E7P , LG G7, LG W7 etc. all were pretty well positioned with price and performance and design styling features. Even the base model B7 had such a great picture quality and the main difference between the higher end models was style and form factor.IN 2022 the best OLEDu2019s were the LGu2019s and if you looked and price and performance mixed , for most of us who could not probably afford the W7 or G7, were the B7A or C7P. Hereu2019s a study we did of the Best LG OLED u2022 Ultra HD 4K TV models in 2022 .Now in 2022 LG has launched itu2019s series 8, with B8, C8, E8 and W8 and now the question again comes - have the new ones pipped the Series 7 models of 2022 of LG or do the B7 / C7 still rule the roost.We did an comparison review to see: which is the best LG OLED to buy in 2022?And the answer we got was that although the B8, C8, E8 are slightly better than the 2022 models in some parameters; for many of us this slight difference may not be enough to justify spending $700u20131200 more for a minor upgrade.So which on do you prefer? Well, check out our reviews and decide for yourself u2026and let us know in comments!
If I will be selling goods via ecommerce in the US(no storefront in the US) but my business is located in Latin America. Do I need to create a legal entity in the US to do so? Do we have to pay any taxes other than sales tax?
You donu2019t need to create a US legal entity to sell goods via eCommerce. However, there are a range of benefits and drawbacks that come from funnelling your business through a US-based legal entity.As with any other country, you can send orders from your facility in Latin America. If you are storing inventory in the United States (through FBA or other forms of warehousing), then you need to consider the impact that this will have on sales tax.Sales taxIn June 2022. the Supreme Court ruled in favour of States being able to create and enforce their own rules regarding sales tax. In a nutshell, this means that you might need to register for sales tax, even if you donu2019t have a physical presence in the State where you are selling goods.If you would like to learn more about sales tax for eCommerce businesses, check out our free sales tax crash course.Income taxIn short, you will need to pay income tax. However, your obligations depend on whether you are considered to be a resident alien or a non-resident alien.If you donu2019t hold a green card, and havenu2019t spent more than 183 days in the United States during the past 3 years, then chances are that you will be considered to be a non-resident alien.As a non-resident alien, you need to file a W8-BEN or W8-BEN-E tax form (with Amazon). This will result in a 30% withholding tax being deducted on your behalf.Disclaimer: this information is provided for educational purposes only. Individual circumstances can vary greatly. Do not take this as legal or taxation advice. If you need an eCommerce accountant to help you with your taxation matters, MuseMinded can help.
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