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What is the Right W-8 Tax Form for a Non US Citizen/Resident Who Wants to Bean Affiliate Marketer?
Unfortunately the answer is probably beyond what could be answered herebecause your two primary choices are W8BEN or W8ECI which each haveeffectively opposite purposes. The issue is services that are all performedfrom outside the US are generally considered not US source income whichqualifies you to use W8 BEN however many affiliate marketing programs wouldbe considered as generating US sourced income due to your relationship withthe affiliate network which would require completing W8 ECI. If the latter isthe case then the network will withhold US income tax from your payments andyou will have to file a US nonresident return to report that income and payUS tax. The good news is based on most of the nonresident clients I have thewithheld tax will more than cover your US tax obligation and you will get arefund of the overwithheld amount.
How does a W-8 form work with an Indiegogo fund disbursement? How much is thetax levied and what is tax-deductible in a crowdfunding campaign?
There are way too many variables and way too little information given toadequately answer this question so all I can offer is general guidance on howa W8 form works and how an Indiegogo funding might work.First all businesses in the US are subject to information reportingrequirements when they handle or disburse funds to individuals. The purpose ofa W8 form is to collect the necessary information to comply with thatinformation reporting. For individuals W8 comes in two forms Form W8BENCertificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States TaxWithholding or About Form W8ECI Internal Revenue Service. The correct formto use will depend on a number of factors including the legal structure ofyour business being promoted on Indiegogo and what nonUS country you arephysically located in. If you were a US citizen or resident then theappropriate form would NOT be a W8 but rather a About Form W9 InternalRevenue Service.As mentioned in the previous paragraph the correct form will depend on howyour business is structured and you physical location. That is where we getinto the implications of an Indiegogo funding campaign. As a general rulefunds generated through an Indiegogo campaign are considered taxable revenueto you andor your business. How that revenue is taxed will depend on the UStax laws concerning sourcing of income. Also impacting your taxation is thepossibility of a tax treaty between your home country and the US. Under US taxlaws a tax treaty will override the general rules in determining if yourrevenue is taxable in the US or elsewhere.What you really need to do is have a conversation with a US tax professionalwho can consider all the specific implications of you conducting acrowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and how you should properly complete a W8form for them.
In the Quora Anthology Collection, what category are you in, what volume areyou in and what page/s are you on?
Yay I am now a published author in a limitededition book collection OK Iadmit that its actually two pages only. In a collection of hundreds. But justa few months ago I had zero pages published. Thats like many percent more.So please check out the Quora Anthology 2022 Volume Three Life pages 5354for Lorenzo Peronis answer to What are the best science fiction movies foreach decade starting in the 1920s through the 2022. Pretty cool. Im less happy however about what was published. For one I am not convincedthat the answer is representative of my best writing but thats the editorschoice of course. Still Im saddened to see that my answer was substantiallymodified by that same editorial team. And by that I dont only mean themissing formatting apparently noone was entitled to bulleted lists but themissing content. Sometimes its just words or sentences that are gonesometimes whole paragraphs. Ill leave it up to the reader to decide which version is better but I ampretty sure which version is more me. Yeah topwriterproblems I know. Iam actually included right And they spelled my name correctly. But why nameme a Top Writer if they were going to change my writing I wonder did this happen to anyone else
Which W-8 form should I fill out as an LLC company?
How do they know to request a W8 instead of a W9 Are you ForeignAssuming you need to submit a W8 instead of a W9 here are the questions toguide your W8 decision.Do you have other members in your LLC If you are the only member a SingleMember LLC is a Disregarded Entity taxed on your personal tax return. So youwould submit the W8BEN.If you have other members are you subject to the default status or have youelected corporate statusIf you are subject to the default status your LLC is taxed as a partnershipso submit the W8IMYIf you elected Corporate status submit the W8BENE.httpswww.irs.govpubirspdf...Other great answers here. Especially good advice from Carl and Mark get to aCPA.
Which of the following W-8 Forms is needed?
We need more specifics about the structure. If you have a multimember LLC andone of the members is a nonUS individual but the others are US individualsthen by default you have a US partnership and all income generated by thatpartnership is US taxable income. Treaty benefits would not apply.If you have elected for the LLC to be taxed as a corporation then thecorporation is a US corporation and all income is US taxable income. Thecorporation files its own tax return separate from the owners. If the nonresident owner receives dividends then those dividends are taxed in the US ata flat 30 unless a lower rates applies due to a tax treaty.If you mean that the LLC has one single owner and that owner is a nonresident then the answer depends on the nature of how the business isoperated. If the single owner lives in a country that has a tax treaty withthe US then within that treaty there is most likely a definition of permanentbusiness establishment that determines if the income from the LLC is UStaxable or taxable in the single owner’s home country. That also determineswhich W8 form to complete.All of that and we have only covered US federal income tax. We have not evenbegun to consider other taxes such as state level sales tax if you are sellingtangible goods to US based customers.My suggestion is you have a conversation with a US tax professional who canconsider all the specifics of your situation.
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